Our Services Include:

  • Motor Vehicle Claims Management
  • Nationwide Loss Adjusting Service
  • Motor Vehicle Valuations
  • Commercial Fleet Valuations
  • Classic/Custom Vehicle Valuations
  • Refinance Vehicle Appraisals
  • Vehicle Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Post Repair Inspections and Audits
  • Claims Cash Settlement Reviews
  • Trade in Value Review
  • Service and Repair Dispute Resolution
  • Wreck Value Assistance
  • Motorcycle Claims
  • Agreed Value Assistance
  • Pre Accident Valuations
  • Motor Vehicle Assessing
  • Post Repair Valuations
  • Diminished Value Appraisals

Disa Assessing


With Disa Assessing we provide our clients with accurate & professional motor vehicle damage assessing and Loss adjusting services.

Whether you need a major repair to be accurately and professionally managed to minimise loss or you simply need an independent report completed on a vehicle already repaired, we are the professionals to call. Thanks to our partnership with Autointegrity NZ we are able to produce high quality damage assessment reports and breakdowns. We place big emphasis on getting the right outcome every time whilst strengthening our relationships with our repairer partners and clients.

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Disa Valuations


Disa Valuations is our vehicle valuation service.

As a registered motor vehicle trader we keep our finger on the pulse of the motor trade and with our valuation service we are able to provide our clients with written reports and up to date market value appraisals on their or their client's vehicle. Disa Valuations is recognised by all major NZ Insurance companies, but has no affiliation with any NZ Company so we are able to act as an independent valuer to help our clients in proving a vehicle's true value. Contact us below to find out how we can help. We are able to complete up to date valuations on vehicle's nationwide via our digital service or sighted valuations throughout Canterbury.

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Not happy with your recent repair job or looking to buy a used car? Get us to have a look, before settling on something that will cost you later.

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Vintage and Classic vehicles


Disa Valuations can assist in determining the value of your vehicle no matter what you drive.

Buying a vintage vehicle

When buying a classic car you need to make sure you protect your investment by not purchasing it for more than what it’s worth. You will likely be insuring your vehicle too, so knowing what your classic or vintage vehicle will be insurable for is vital in protecting your investment.

Contact Disa Valuations for an unbiased transparent and honest market appraisal before you buy.

Selling your Classic Vehicle

When looking to sell your classic or vintage vehicle you should know beforehand what your vehicle is worth. Classic sales in NZ takes place in very much a “buyers market” knowing what your car is worth and proving it with independent valuation can go a long way in selling your vehicle for what it’s worth.

Insuring a Classic or vintage Vehicle

When have you last reviewed your insurance cover of your classic or vintage vehicle? Is your investment sufficiently protected?

Knowing what your vehicle is worth is in the best interest of you and your insurance provider. Having the facts and agreeing on an insured value up front could actually result in better protection and possibly even decrease your yearly premium.

Get us to perform an independent valuation of your classic or vintage vehicle and update your insurance cover to suit.

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